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  • Welcome to a new chapter in virtual, in-person and hybrid event data...

  • An industry-wide project to standardize and unite event data

  • Creating better insights and better events

VSef/RSDE (Reporting Standards for Digital Events) is a global standardized data structure and output format for in-person, hybrid and virtual events.  Developed collaboratively between event organizers, data analysts and virtual event platforms and administered by BPA Worldwide, VSef/RSDE helps data move more freely between platforms, business intelligence tools, CRM and marketing systems. It sets out detailed standards for a range of event metrics and engagement KPIs and how those data points should be formatted for easy transfer between systems.

Why has VSef/RSDE been launched?

Most corporate event teams, agencies, expo organizers and data analysts use a variety of virtual event platforms across their business. However, the data produced by these platforms can vary widely from one vendor to the next. 

  • The job of consuming this essential data into other business systems becomes very challenging 
  • This can create data silos; pots of data that don’t talk to each other or contribute to wider business insight

Where we have siloed data, there are barriers to learning, progress and a better event experience. 

That is why VSef/RSDE has created a universal data structure and output format that enables events to consume consistent data regardless of which platforms they are working with. 

Universal data formats exist in many industries and they offer significant advantages to the end users and vendors alike.

The VSef/RSDE Collaboration

VSef was launched in early 2021 as a response to the rising uptake of digital event platforms and the increase in virtual event experiences. Its goal was creating a global standardized data structure and output format for digital events. VSef is backed by many leading organizers and platforms, and supported by the event industry’s leading strategic partners.

Simultaneously, global assurance provider BPA Worldwide identified the lack of standardized data in the digital events sector and launched the RSDE initiative with the support of industry leaders. In September 2022, BPA acquired VSef from Explori. The resulting collaboration created a single, globally recognized industry data and reporting standard for digital and hybrid events and meetings.

Founding members include global event organizers and leading event tech platform partners, who have come together to create a shared industry-wide standard. VSef/RSDE is open to all event organizers and any platform can choose to adopt the standards. The data standards have been developed collaboratively by a working group led by a working group of industry experts. 

VSef is a not-for-profit initiative.

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Founding Partners

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  • “The silver lining in the pivot to digital has been the data-rich environment we organisers now find ourselves in. But, we have a huge standardisation job at hand if we’re to benefit from this newly found trove of data. VSef/RSDE has been designed to solve this problem; to provide a single standard. I for one am looking forward to receiving data from different platforms in one format!”
    Dr Bariş Onay
    Chair of VSef
  • “As the global trade association for our sector, we know about the importance of unified and aligned data sets, and we are working to promote globally accepted metrics and terminologies. We recommend that every business events association joins us in supporting and promoting VSef/RSDE to their members as a collaborative way forward for our industry.”
    Anbu Varathan
    President, UFI
  • "At Grip, data democratization is at the core of our strategy in supporting organisers to move markets forward faster and providing greater value to exhibitors and visitors. We’re excited about being part of the VSef/RSDE initiative from the very beginning and making it easier for organisers to move data between solutions in the event technology stack will be crucial for gaining greater insight into events and their success."
    Warith Nassor
    Product Owner - Data, Integrations and Insight. Grip
  • "Data is the key to growth in the event industry. It helps organizers better serve their communities, create brand loyalty and create logical, long-term strategies. VSef/RSDE will make it much easier for organizers to collect the data used in making critical decisions without having to sacrifice customer experience and their technology stack."
    Robyn Duda
    Founder, RDC
  • "Our position on data is and always has been that it should be accessible, freely available, and owned by organisers, which is reflected in our Data Manifesto. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Mark and the wider Explori team and we are proud to be early adopters of the VSef/RSDE initiative, which is an important step in standardising metrics and in allowing organisers to easily compare these metrics across platforms."
    Mykyta Fastovets
    CTO, Expoplatform
  • "We reside at an inflection point in the global events industry. Our immediate embrace of normalized data is going to decide the extent to which we define our value and fuel our growth. VSef/RSDE is an ambitious project that deserves universal support across platforms, organizers, and industry organizations. We are pleased to take these first steps with the VSef team and their growing partner community."
    Tony Lorenz
    SVP Strategy, Intrado
  • "The need to unite event data has been a topic of conversation at Event Tech Live and within the community for many years. It's fantastic to see the experts and advisors behind VSef/RSDE taking the mantle and moving this forward for the benefit of the whole industry. I am proud for Event Tech Live to be a founding member and look forward to helping drive this initiative too."
    Adam Parry
    Co-founder, Event Tech Live
  • "Data is a crucial issue in digital events and setting a framework for data standardisation and industry collaboration is key to future industry success. We are excited to be partnering with VSef/RSDE on this important initiative."
    Sophie Ahmed
    CEO and Co-Founder, Virtual Events Institute
  • “Now more than ever it is important to collaborate, share and connects minds for a better future of the exhibition industry. VSef/RSDE is a perfect example of collaborative knowledge!”
    Enrico Gallorini
    CEO, GRS Research & Strategy